WhatsApp Plus APK Download [Official] Latest Version 2023

WhatsApp Plus is the modified version of traditional WhatsApp containing better features with end to end encryption. The most popular application is considered as one of the best communication networks around the globe. You can download it free from our website. WhatsApp Plus apk offers its users with much fun and secure communication with the people around by providing many features from status hiding options, hide double, and blue tick to Advance file sharing.

You can download WhatsApp Plus 2023 from our website. All versions links are listed below:

WhatsApp Plus download


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WhatsApp Plus

Official WhatsApp had made communication much easier with the person in your neighborhood or your loved ones living in any part of the world, and it provides you instant communication with the people you want to interact with. As of 2012, it has been on the market. XDA member Rafalete developed this app by modifying the original WhatsApp application. This resulted in produce to come up with better and improved version WhatsApp Plus 2023.

In WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, users might find similarities in both apps, but there are few points where they differ. We are here at your service to put light over the matter of where it varies from one another. If you want WhatsApp Plus download for Iphone you can download it by clicking Whatsapp++


Download WhatsApp Plus APK for Android All Versions

App Name
Last Updated
Downloadable link
WhatsApp Plus
V 19.30.0
53.14 MB
1 day ago
WhatsApp Plus
V 19.20.1
53.14 MB
March 2021
WhatsApp Plus
V 19.10.0
53.57 MB
WhatsApp Plus
V 8.10
53.57 MB
WhatsApp Plus
V 8.00
48.26 MB
WhatsApp Plus
V 7.35
35.48 MB
WhatsApp Plus
V 7.20
29.21 MB
WhatsApp Plus
V 7.10
29.10 MB
WhatsApp Plus
V 7.00
28.64 MB
WhatsApp Plus
V 6.89
27.46 MB
WhatsApp Plus
V 6.88
27.46 MB
All Old versions

Silent Features of WhatsApp+

These features are what make a difference.

Contacts Privacy

  • In messenger apps, there can be few people who cause you irritation meaningful friends, and if there is somebody you do not want to receive the call of, this app is a must-go for you.
  • You can simply go to the Privacy setting and make a list of people who can call you and who cannot without blocking them. This, however, can be seen as a marvelous change in contrast with the official version.

Advance File Share

  • When we share our files on WhatsApp, we can share a file up to 16 MB; however, on the mod apk version can send files up to 50 Mega byte. One of the best Features involves the quick sharing of large audio and video files.

Most Interesting Feature Anti-Revoke

  • In the original application, if you sent a message to someone and then want to delete it as “delete for everyone,” so it will be deleted from the receiver end, but in this mod APK message will be not deleted from the receiver end.

Logs and history

  • WhatsApp plus apk download has introduced a new feature that was not included in the official version. It keeps the record of what has been done in the app. This, in some ways, can help you.

Security and Hiding Options

  • WP Plus apk mod has focused on ensuring the security of its users according to their choices. For instance, if you want to upload a written status, but you do not want some specific people to see it, well then this app is for you.
  • It can simply help you to put a few people in privacy, after which you can easily upload status for your desired contacts. In this way, you can also make sure who can keep an eye on you by turning off your Last Seen.
  • Now the question arises how is it different? The answer to the question popping up in your mind is that however, it not only gives you an option to conceal Last seen, you can see the last seen of everyone but no one can of your app, and you can also hide your Online Status. It means the person you are conversing with cannot see if you are online or not. Isn’t it awesome?


  • In addition to all these amazing features, this app has more to give. You can set a reply, and it will be sent to your friends when you are not able to contact them or when you are busy. The Official WhatsApp had this feature for business accounts only.


  • The user can send pictures of high resolution with 90 images at once and can share the memories with friends they have made together.
  • Similarly, if you have friends living abroad and away from you while you are having a gathering with your close-by friends, it provides its users with an option of HD Video call so you can keep them with you in your wonderful time.

Blue ticks feature in app


Whatsapp plus for android free download has many different themes that can entertain you if you are a person who loves colors and different comic characters.

  • It comprises of more than 700 themes that, however, does change not only your background but also your contact list.
  • In other words, this conversion beautifies your screen, and you enjoy chatting with your loved ones.
  • Following is a list of a few themes.

Water view

  • Who does not feel good glancing at the beautiful water? We all do. The theme section offers the theme through which you can see a pleasant view.
  • Themes dolls up our screen as a whole. It does not end here. You will find many more in an arranged form set by app.
  • This app offers many beautiful wallpapers that can add magnificence on your screen.
  • You can personalize the wallpapers for yourself and can instantly change what you like.

Sky view

  • If you are a person who adores the beauty of nature and it makes you feel delighted, these themes are for you.

Chat options

  • The user can make a group of 250+ members and can have fruitful discussions over the topics of their interest.

application Logo Mockup

Fonts and Style

  • WhatsApp plus 2023 proposes many font styles that would be admired by its users. You can get a variety of styles, colors, and sizes as per your choice. 


  • If you are an emoticon lover, this app is a must go for you as it has many beautiful Emoji and smileys that can satisfy the aesthetic aspect of your personality.
  • Emoticons, however, represent our mood, so why not go for the ones that can exactly define how you are feeling at the very moment? VIP WhatsApp Plus will definitely introduce you with a sequence of beautiful smileys that can lighten up your mood.
  • WhatsApp+ has added emoticons from Google Hangouts, which are cute than the official version. In addition, it can perfectly define your mood and make your conversation look real.

What we really like in this APK

  • You can protect yourself by disabling voice calls and hiding your profile picture. By this you can protect yourself from potential scammers.
  • Several accounts can be supported in this updated APK – You can use up to four accounts in single Whatsapp Plus.
  • Previous messages can be ‘undeleted’ if anyone try to delete for everyone. It will not be deleted from your end and will be deleted only from there side.

Whatsapp Plus owner

WhatsApp was formed by Brian Action and Jan Koum in 2009 and has over 1.5 billion users around the world. Although there are many modified versions of WhatsApp available and has many wonderful features that can captivate your eyes but WhatsApp Plus has come out with a modified version and better features by which one enjoys using it. The application came into existence by founder Rafalete formed it in 2012 in contrast with the traditional WhatsApp.


Pros and Cons

  • You can hide your chats. People don’t usually do that, but sometimes it’s helpful.
  • Privacy of online status and last seen is available
  • You can have font size and style of your choice
  • It can hide blue tick
  • The application contains 700+ themes
  • beautiful smileys that can cheer up your mood
  • Automatic Backup of chats will be done manually
  • You cannot download(Yukle) it from Play store
  • It also shows problem in update. It requires time when you update (actualizar) the app.
  • The user has to wait in order to enjoy new features.
  • The smileys cannot be seen by the receiver if they don’t have WhatsApp Plus that’s the con that I feel really bad.

How (como) to install WhatsApp Plus free for android?

Okay, so here we will guide you how to install WhatsApp Plus latest version, follow the following steps.

  • After descargando or downloading WhatsApp Plus APK free from the given link.
  • Open the APK and click on install.
  • Now in setting, allow the installation from unknown resources.
  • The rest of the setting is the same as the official Whatsapp.

User Guide to shift from old version to latest version of WhatsApp Plus

Here are the steps how you can shift from the old version to the new version of Whatsapp+.

  • First, you need to take a complete backup of all the chats.
  • After taking backup, you will delete the old version.
  • You will download (telecharger) the advanced version of the application.
  • You will accept the terms and conditions it offers you if you feel convenient.
  • The next thing you will do is to put your mobile number and verify it.
  • Now you will register your existing number, and the app itself will verify your number.
  • After verification, you will have a backup of your chats.
  • When the backup is done, there would be an option of the name.
  • Enter your name and select the option of the profile picture.
  • Upload your profile picture and tap upload.
  • Your upgraded version is ready at your service.
  • After uploading picture you can write and upload your status.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Is WhatsApp Plus for free?

Yes, this app is free (gratis) for you to download. You don’t have to pay a penny if you desire to use this app. All you need to do is to click on the download button and enjoy the free (gratis) access to your friends and family. Just like official WhatsApp.

Is it legal to use WhatsApp Plus?

As it is not available on the Play store, this is often considered as an illegal version of usual WhatsApp, but it is 100% safe and secure.

It also is not linked with the original application. We can see the progress it has made, and so are the modifications it offers so we can take the risk of installing it.

Can we keep WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus two apps at a time?

You cannot drive two cars at the same time. In order to use one application in the modified version, you have to delete the older one for better work and understanding. Unfortunately, you can use only 1 WhatsApp.

 Why can’t I download WhatsApp Plus from PlayStore?

At first, this application was available on Google PlayStore, but Google had removed this app. The reason is authenticity and has legal issues. This still cannot be named as an illegal app; however, with numbered facilities, it offers an advance version, few risks can be taken.

 Why would I face problems in the update?

As mentioned above, it is not a legal app as not linked with the official one so the producers of the following application take time in updating the new and exciting updates because those additions can be beneficial for the user. It is not as the regular one, so you have to wait for months if you want an update.

Would I face safety issues in this Whatsapp Plus app?

You can face little risk as it is not an official version and can leak your information to the third-party. You should be vigilant, however, in using this app.

What is (que es) WhatsApp Plus APK?

WhatsApp plus APK 2023 is a revised and amended version of the official WhatsApp. The APK app is an app with many advancements and the latest features that the previous versions lack. Millions of users around the globe have downloaded this application, and they are enjoying it with a new and improved version. This application, however, tends to provide its users with Hiding options that include hiding last seen, blue and grey ticks, online status, contacts privacy, and status privacy. Furthermore, it offers stickers and themes of different kinds.

How can we backup WhatsApp Plus chats?
  • Well, this is a piece of cake for the ones who know things.
  • All you need to do is open your WhatsApp, go to the options on the right side.
  • Select setting, then select chat and at last (última), Chat backup.
  • So now, you will delete the old version of the application so you can enjoy new.
  • Install ( instalar ) the upgraded version and start your backup.
  • You can restore your data by using ES File Explorer.      

WhatsApp plus infograhic


We have found this application good by many means, and we expect that this article would have given you a vivid picture of how this messaging application works. How it differs from other app and how marvelously does it keep you secure by ensuring your security. This facility, however, makes it useful for the users using different varieties of mobile phones Samsung, Apple, Lenovo, Huawei, Asus, ZTE, Acer, Sony, Nokia, and Motorola. Moreover, the official WhatsApp has upgraded many of its features, we still find a better version when it comes to WhatsApp+We have found this application good by many means, and we expect that this article would have given you a vivid picture of how this messaging application works. How it differs from other app and how marvelously does it keep you secure by ensuring your security.

This facility, however, makes it useful for the users using different varieties of mobile phones Samsung, Apple, Lenovo, Huawei, Asus, ZTE, Acer, Sony, Nokia, and Motorola. Moreover, the official WhatsApp has upgraded many of its features, we still find a better version when it comes to WhatsApp++.