GB WhatsApp Download APK (UPDATED) Anti-Ban V19.30.1 || 2023

GB WhatsApp is new version of the messaging application WhatsApp. It has its roots in WhatsApp but with the latest and updated features like DND mode, Autoreply, sending large files and many more feature are discussed in the blog. This versions of WhatsApp are filled with many new advance features that a regular user of WhatsApp enjoy. Every smartphone user has messaging application in their phones to have an easy access to their loved ones.

Many users were disappointed with Whatsapp Plus as for installation of  Whatsapp Plus, you have to delete the traditional version from your phone as you cannot ride two bikes at the same time but this is not the case with GB WhatsApp new version download. You can download and install it along-side the official Whatsapp and can use both at the same time. It is completely independent application which would be beneficial if you want two Whatsapps on same device.

GB WhatsApp APK

GB WhatsApp APK


There are lot of WhatsApp available on the internet but the people are liking this because it’s developer providing updates and you can download it from our site and yeah don’t worry about the installation and updating the app, we are providing you complete guide how to install GBWhatsapp and how to update it.


GB WhatsApp APK File Details:

Application Name
Gb WhatsApp
Requires Android
4.0and above
Apk Size
Total Downloads
Last Updated
1 day ago


GB WhatsApp Features:

Let’s take a look at the features of GB WhatsApp download, the latest version of WhatsApp.

Hides your last seen:

Not only last seen, GB WhatsApp apk has the feature of concealing not only blue but double ticks too which means that the sender will never know if you have even received the message. While these options were not in old versions. Isn’t it awesome to have a complete privacy of your own?


Our chats are meaningless without putting an emoji while chatting with someone. Be it a professional thing we are discussing or chatting and teasing a group of friends, we put emojis to enlighten the mood of chat. GB WhatsApp has offered this feature with so many emoji options.


You might be stuck somewhere when on a journey, you have a problem in reaching your destination or you lost your way, you can inform this to your friends by sending them your live location with WhatsApp GB.

Sending Large Files:

You can send 80 to 90 images at the same time with your friends which is an insane number, Right? You do not need to go back to your gallery after sending 10 pictures and send 10 more from the trip or event you had been with your friends. You can add different effects and filters too if you desire.

With the advanced version, you can send video having size of 30 MBs and audio clip up-to 100 MBs now and the media will be loaded without waiting for a minute. Due to allowing big files, it got really useful because providing more space than email too.

Chat filter:

The GB WhatsApp latest version takes care of your privacy and provides you an option of deleting the chat you do not want anyone to see and this way, you can filter your messages.


GB WhatsApp offers you endless themes and wallpapers that you can download update when you are bored of one.


This application does not only give you liberty to update statuses as much as you want but also allows you to download a status by tapping on it without use of any status downloader. Don’t you find it exciting?

Log History:

You can have log history of all of your contacts as long as you want.

Disable Calls:

There is always an option of blocking so you can block the undesired contact but there are times when you want to disable calls of an annoying person and not the messages and if it is that so, what are you waiting for? This application can disable the calls of a person who is getting on your nerves with just one touch.

Notification Update:

We all like change. We get bored of keeping the same picture as our profile picture for a long time and this is why when you change your profile picture of GB WhatsApp also known as GBWA, it will notify your friends that you have changed your profile picture and vice versa.


You do not have to feel bored of the same font styles and can have plenty of font styles that you can select according to choice of your own.

DND Mode: GB WhatsApp features

DND mode enables your application to stop working as long as you desire. By enabling this, you will not send or receive a message unless you disable it. It is like Night mode available in smartphones.


The other features of GB WhatsApp are listed below.

  • Lots of Gifs
  • Auto replies
  • Multiple languages
  • Backup features
  • Hide chats
  • Hide typing
  • Enable passwords


How to download GB WhatsApp?

Many people are confused with installation of modified version as they face different trust issues while downloading. Let’s have a look at the process of enabling your phone to download it from unknown resources.

Step 1: Download GB WhatsApp app from the link provided.

Step 2: You have to open settings on your phone and then security settings. In this picture unknown resources switch is off.

GBWA settings

Step 3: You have to allow your phone to download things from unknown resources. We turn it on and the switch change it’s color to green.

Settings for GB WhatsApp


Step 4:

Now install the application and enjoy endless access to your loved ones.

We know that it is a bit risky to trust applications that are not official and not available on PlayStore but with all the great features it offer, it is a risk worth taken.



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