OG WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 10.8 Android Official (Anti Ban)

OG WhatsApp is the modified version of official WhatsApp with enhanced features as like WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, Whatsapp Plus Iphone and om WhatsApp latest version. When you buy a phone and connect it to an internet connection, the first thing you like to go for is WhatsApp. This new OG WhatsApp allows you to make instant communication with people around the globe.

OG WhatsApp is one of the incredible and desirous applications, which has 50 million active users each month. The reason for fame is that you can use two various versions on WhatsApp on the same Android smartphone of yours.

OG Whatsapp

OG Whatsapp APK

OG WhatsApp gives the users a simple and free messaging service, yet maintaining its security and reliability. The developers keep on updating the application and introduce additional features that users enjoy.

Since third-party developers develop OGWhatsApp APK, it is not available on Google Play Store. This does not count it as an outsider or unreliable. The developers have taken proper care of your security. Moreover, this app is free to download and use.

OG WhatsApp APK File Information:

App Name
OG Whatsapp
41 MB
Android Version Required
4.1 (Jelly Bean)
1 day ago

Download OGWhatsapp APK Here


There are various advanced options of privacy and security, so do not worry and download the OGWA from the link above.

  • DND ( Do not Disturb) Mode                                                 
  • Hide Online Status
  • Auto-Reply Feature
  • It allows you to access two accounts at the same time.
  • Customization options
  • Countless themes
  • Various wallpapers
  • Fonts style
  • No Double Ticks
  • No Blue Ticks
  • You can add more members in the group on OG WhatsApp than you do on original WhatsApp.
  • You can show your last seen to a specific person and not to all of your contacts.
  • You can hide the symbol of typing while typing a message.
  • You can save the status of people quickly without taking the help of any other app.
  • You can share 100 photos or videos in one go without worrying about it to accept.
  • File sharing is easy as you can share files up to 100 MB.


Auto-Reply service:

Auto-Reply service is sending the message to the ones you forgot to. Now, how does it work? To solve this issue, the designers came up with a Pre-Fabricated message from the scheduler. All you need to do is to set a message and schedule it to send it to a specific time. Even if you do not make it to send a message to that person, this will send the message on time. Isn’t it outstanding? Download the OG Whatsapp app.

Download Status:

With this incredible application, you can download the status of a friend or family member without seeking help from any other downloader.

Message to Non-Added Contacts:

On original WhatsApp, when we want to make a call, we need to spear their number. However, this is not the case with OG WhatsApp. You can call or message anyone just by putting their name and it does not require to save it. You need not keep an undesirable number on your phone.

Group Members:

WhatsApp is most commonly known for gathering talk. We love talking with our old university and college mates to recall the memories we made together and tease one another. The original WhatsApp allows you to keep 25 members in the group only. However, the new and updated version will enable you to add ten more members so you can add your whole class to have excellent fun communication.

Copy anyone’s Status:

This feature enables you to duplicate anybody’s written status to your clipboard. Back then, in the original WhatsApp, you needed to ask the person to send you the written state. Now you can straightforwardly copy the status in your clipboard.

Send up to Hundred Images:

Unlike original WhatsApp that allows you to send ten images at one time, OG WhatsApp lets you carry around a hundred pictures and videos in the first go. By the end of the party, your relatives ask you to send images; you need not select a few and wait. With OG WhatsApp, select all and send.

Increased Characters for Written Status:
In the traditional WhatsApp, it compels you to write 130 characters on your written status. However, you can pour out your feelings and write up to 250 words in OG WhatsApp for the catharsis of your emotions. OG Whatsapp is independently working version of Whatsapp Plus.

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OG WhatsApp’s Installation Guide:

You ought to download OG WhatsApp from a reliable source that does not let a virus to ruin your phone data. We are providing you a link to download OG WhatsApp APK.

Download OG WhatsApp from the link given below and go to download/Archives of your phone. You will find the file there. Tap on it and start installing it. This process will take several seconds. When the installation is over, open the application, and enjoy access to endless entertainment.


OG WhatsApp is a great application that provides you many energizing and stimulating features that you need. Besides, it is not one of its forms, but it is better than traditional WhatsApp. As this application is not available on Play Store, you can download it from the reference provided.



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