FMWhatsApp 2 APK Download V19.31 (FMWA) | Anti-Ban 2023 Updates

The world is progressing every day that relies on communication. With the advent of technology and the emergence of smartphones, several messaging apps came into existence to benefit the surrounding world. People are using various applications for their quick messaging, calls, and document sharing. When we talk about message application, the first application that crosses our mind is WhatsApp and here we will talk about FMWhatsApp.

FM Whatsapp Download

Although WhatsApp is filled with features that benefit everyone, human nature does not rely on one thing. Keeping that in mind, the developers came up with similar applications and one of them is FM WhatsApp 2.

FM WhatsApp 2 or Fouad WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp, and the founder is Foud Makkad. He develops the version with significant consideration by adding many additional features and customizing options that the traditional WhatsApp lack. FM WhatsApp 2 allows you to customize new themes, wallpapers, delivery reports, online status, and last seen.

Key Specification:

52.02 MB
Developer Name
Fouad Mokdad
Last updated
1 day ago
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If you want to download Whatsapp Plus for Iphone please click.

Features of FM WhatsApp:

The latest version of FM WhatsApp 2 carries recent additions that captivate your eyes. We are listing down the description below.

Securing Features:

We all seek for security features to secure ourselves. FM WhatsApp latest version has an in-built app lock and you can secure your app by giving a password. Besides, it also offers you to lock your chats and set a pin code separately for it. This feature will not only secure your privacy but also keep your documents and data efficiently.


Apart from the emojis available on your keyboard, you can also choose various emojis from Facebook and Emoji1. The variant emoticons can lift your mood and also represents your mood in a better way.


To secure your privacy on the next level, you can add privacy tweaks that would be useful in hiding:

FM WhatsApp 2021

  • Last seen
  • Double ticks
  • Hide recording status
  • Hides blue microphone
  • Hides view status
  • Blue ticks
  • Anti-Delete messages


Besides, these features, it gives you an option to deactivate video calls to avoid unnecessary calls. This feature is not included in traditional WhatsApp.

Sharing limit:

FM WhatsApp download allows you to share messages with the group containing 500 people. The original WhatsApp supports only 250 members. Moreover, you can send up to 60 images to the recipient and files up to 700 MB. Original WhatsApp does not support this feature either.


This application allows you to add custom themes and wallpapers. If you are a person who likes vibrant background and it fresh your entire mood, this makes it all easy with one touch. The traditional WhatsApp has a green background and that might not interest your taste. Various themes and wallpapers can customize the background. Moreover, you can personalize the icon of WhatsApp by changing its color.

Other Features:

To send messages, we save the contacts to make it easy to communicate with people on WhatsApp or the messaging would not be possible. In FM WhatsApp 2, you need not save the contacts for chatting and allows you to send messages to unsaved contacts.

You can pin up-to 100 chats with this app. It also has an anti-delete feature that does not allow the recipient to delete your sent messages.

The drawbacks FM WhatsApp 2 have are:

  • It is slower than older versions of WhatsApp.
  • You should use the official Whatsapp if you are concerned with security because we do not know what the business model of this app is because it is not developed by a big company like Metaverse.


How to install FM WhatsApp?

Since FM WhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp, it is not supported by Playstore. However, you can download it from  our website.

Installation Guide:

You need to follow the following steps:

  • Open your PC and open the browser.
  • Go to the search engine,
  • Open our website.
  • Download the FM WhatsApp Download APK from the link the above download button.
  • Transfer the file to your android phone through cable if you are downloading from desktop.
  • Open android phone settings and open security settings.
  • You need to enable the option of “install from unknown sources.”
  • Click on install and wait for installation.
  • After installation, register with your number, upload your profile picture and enjoy the latest features of FM WhatsApp.

FM WhatsApp 2 installation Guide


How can I use WhatsApp FM?

FM WhatsApp is similar to the original WhatsApp. You can use it the same way, you were using WhatsApp previously. The only change is in the features that FM WhatsApp download has advanced features.

Why FM WhatsApp is banned?

Since FM WhatsApp pro is not the official WhatsApp, but a modified, it is not supported by PlayStore. This version can be downloaded from our website.

How does WhatsApp FM work?

Though there are various new additions in the modified version, it works the same way as original WhatsApp does. All you need to do is to install the app by the link provided on our site and enjoy access to entertainment.


Conclusion/Final Verdict:

The original WhatsApp is been serving its users for long. But if you want to have variety in your application, the FM WhatsApp latest version is all you need. The app offers various features that are not available in original WhatsApp that include customizing options, themes, wallpapers, security, and much more. If you want to read WhatsApp Plus or download GB Whatapp please click on it.

If your concerns are to protect your privacy, FM WhatsApp new version might not help you. Your privacy will be open to developers. Weigh all the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision.

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